ACTFL Language Testing

Language Testing International is the exclusive licensee of exams produced by the foremost authority on foreign language acquisition in the United States – ACTFL, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Decades of research demonstrate unequivocally that ACTFL’s language tests are second to none. By combining decades of experience with cutting edge technology, ACTFL and LTI’s proficiency tests are demonstrably superior to those of our competitors.

We provide tests that cover the four main areas of language acquisition – reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Our reading tests are able to evaluate the full range of candidates’ abilities, ranging from basic texts to complex, in-depth pieces. Even test-takers who have strong spoken skills in a given language may not have the same level of strength when it comes to reading comprehension. By providing a wide variety of text examples, our test provide a detailed profile of how well a candidate can understand what they are reading.

LTI’s writing tests also give candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their writing facility with a variety of topics and tasks, with everything from simple, everyday notes to producing nuanced, high-level essays. Rather than merely assessing a candidate’s ability to follow a language’s rules regarding punctuation, spelling and the like, our tests are the best method of evaluating an individual’s true writing capability.

Similarly, our speaking tests evaluate the entire range of a candidate’s proficiency in a given language. Test-takers are rated not only on their grasp of such fundamentals as grammar, vocabulary and inflection, but also their ability to use language in real world scenarios where they must draw upon such essentials as cultural knowledge and the knack for tailoring their language for a specific audience.

Last, but not least, LTI’s listening tests offers a similarly comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s listening abilities in a language. By providing audio samples ranging from basic, simple everyday conversation to complex, esoteric discussions, we are able to ascertain precisely what an individual can comprehend.

Don’t you want to have the most accurate picture of what someone can do in a language they claim to speak? Fluency means different things to different people, but only the ACTFL tests provided by LTI give you the true picture of what an individual’s language capabilities are.

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