ACTFL Proficiency Tests

As the exclusive licensee of exams designed by the world-renowned American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), Language Testing International can satisfy whatever testing requirements you and your organization may have. Covering all facets of language proficiency, our tests will provide you with the most accurate profile of an individual’s linguistic abilities. This will prove invaluable when determining who the right person for a job is, because, as we all know, just because someone considers themselves “fluent” in a language, doesn’t mean that they really are.

Having someone who has scored well in our reading and writing tests means that you can rest assured that this individual is the right candidate to represent you when dealing with other organizations. Whether you need someone to be able to carry on extensive personal correspondence, or produce complex technical manuals in a given language, our rating system will help you to feel confident in your employee’s capabilities.

Being able to speak and understand a language are equally important, of course, and our tests are second to none in assessing just how well an individual can function in a given language. In today’s increasingly globalized marketplace, you need to be sure that the person representing your organization will do so competently and with ease. A cultural misunderstanding or a simple translation error can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure, and with our expertise, you can be sure that you have the right person speaking on your behalf.

Our decades of experience in the field, combined with our innovative and cutting-edge language exams will allow you to obtain a comprehensive, accurate profile of an individual’s actual abilities in a language. At LTI, we know you want the best for your organization, which is why we guarantee you that our ACTFL proficiency tests are the best on the market.

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