English Language Proficiency Exams

English language proficiency exams are one way that you can accurately place candidates and employees in your company or institution.  With many employees coming to the workplace with multilingual skills, it is important to ascertain whether or not those same employees have proficiency in English, the most important language in the United States.  While having candidates that can speak other languages is valuable, these languages are far less useful if your teacher or employee cannot also communicate effectively in English.  Whether you are an academic institution seeking to certify language ability for teachers or a corporate institution needing to accurately place candidates for available jobs that require language skills, Language Testing International offers English language proficiency exams to ascertain whether your staff members have the language abilities necessary to succeed.

English language proficiency exams with Language Testing International are not simply tests of vocabulary and grammar.  Many people have an outdated vision of language testing – long exams filled with vocabulary identification and grammatical structure that need to be corrected or filled in.  In reality, this type of testing may illustrate the basic skills of the learner, but it is a poor measure of actual language ability.  Particularly in the work place, you need to know that your employees have a working and applicable use of the English language, not just the ability to label food items in the refrigerator correctly.

Instead of offering basic vocabulary and grammar tests, Language Testing International offers English language proficiency exams that test the ability of a speaker to use the language in a professional and dynamic setting.  Tests take into account not only reading and writing skills, but also speaking and listening skills, providing the test-taker with a wide range of opportunities to demonstrate the strength of his or her English skills.  This is crucial, because language acquisition rates vary from speaker to speaker,  most people gain reading and written knowledge of a language after they develop speaking and listening skills. Unsurprisingly then, a candidate that may converse with ease and proficiency in a given language  may have difficulty when faced with written tasks in that language.

Employees and candidates that prove their language knowledge by testing with Language Testing International will receive a rating ranging from little to no functional ability to full professional ability on a ten level scale.  Accurately placing your candidates after they have tested will not only ensure that they have the ability to speak a language, but that they know how to apply it practically in the workplace.  English language proficiency exams from Language Testing International are an essential means of  assessing your candidates’ language  abilities.

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