Language Proficiency Exams

Over 20 Years of Experience with Language Proficiency Exams 

Language proficiency exams are generally considered the best way to measure an employee or teaching candidate’s ability to effectively use a language in a professional setting.  Many individuals, both those employed and those seeking employment,  list multi-lingual skills as one of their employment assets. It is difficult to tell from simple conversation, however, if a candidate actually has solid language skills in a given language. If you want to be truly competitive in an increasingly globalized marketplace, you know that you cannot take a chance on candidates with faulty or poor language skills, particularly not when vital communications and reputations are at stake.  Language proficiency exams are a vital way that you can test your employees’ and candidates’ abilities with the assurance that their scores will help you decide who has professional abilities and who does not.

Language proficiency exams are not all alike and not all equal.  You need exams that test the correct knowledge and skills to receive an accurate picture of what your candidate or employee can offer. Traditional “bubble” testing is not enough to determine if a student has language proficiency since proficiency cannot possibly be measured by simple right or wrong answer choices.  The use of language, particularly in a professional setting, is far more complex and subtle than a single answer exam can measure.  At Language Testing International, exams are based on four main areas of concentration – speaking, listening, writing, and reading.  Candidates may take different components separately or altogether for  language testing, depending on your company or organizational needs.  These exams do not simply measure vocabulary or grammar knowledge, but do measure actual proficient and professional use and language application.  The separation of skills offered in these exams is particularly important as language acquisition in one area does not necessarily mean proficiency in another area. Many proficient speakers with verbal and auditory skills, for example, have not yet mastered reading and writing skills in the same language.

Language proficiency exams from Language Testing International are certified to meet  the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) guidelines.  In fact, LTI’s tests have emerged as the standard for language testing, centering on proficiency rather than achievement style “right or wrong” testing paradigms.  With over twenty years of experience, testing in hundreds of languages, and testing offered in over 40 countries, LTI knows what corporations and organizations need to accurately place and test candidates.  With these language exams, your candidates will receive a rating on a ten level scale that rates them from barely functional in the language to completely professionally proficient, giving a precise picture of a candidate’s ability to actually use that language in their workplace or life.   For the most accurate and applicable language proficiency exams, contact Language Testing International today.

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