Reading and Writing Test

If you are looking for a reading and writing test for any kind of foreign language, look no further than LTI’s variety of options across a multitude of languages. As the primary developer of secondary language texts for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language, you can trust to the credibility and competency of the test makers for any kind of secondary of tertiary language. This can be useful for many types of companies, such as those who want to offer second language services or who need to correspond and communicate with other countries in the course of their business.

One of the first things that the second language reading and writing test measures is the subject’s ability to read a variety of passages effectively. This includes everything from making sure that the texts follow a correct level of text complexity, both in terms of the actual construction as well as the topic and subject matter. Furthermore, the tests measures their ability to reason in the second language by having them read a variety of types of texts, such as informational articles and short fiction pieces.

Another essential element that is checked via a second language reading and writing test is the ability of the subject to understand the basic grammar rules of the acquired language, both in terms of verb form conjugations as well as the subject/verb/object order and sentence structure of the second language. Additionally, this portion of the test also measures the subjects understanding of cognates, which are words that are bridges between languages and often share common characteristics but have slightly difference meanings depending on the language.

Finally, the second language reading and writing test measures the subject’s ability to effectively communicate in the written form. While at a base level, this is an understanding of sentence structure and how to translate an individual sentence, the test further extends that ability to a full written essay. When you need your employee or liaison to be able to communicate with another country, don’t you want to be able to know that they have the tested and tried ability to be able to not only directly communicate, but to be able to do so with a measure of eloquence in the second language? Not all tests measure such elements of rhetorical ability in a second language, but you can rest assured that Language Testing International provides only the highest standard of tests.

No matter the specific language that your company might be looking for, LTI has trained its staff to be able to provide the highest quality tests and continually raise the bar on expectations for any kind of second language reading and writing test.

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