Spanish Language Assessments

If you want Spanish language assessments that are second to none, look no further than Language Testing International. As the exclusive licensee of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, you can be sure that our credibility, along with the validity and accuracy of our tests, is unparalleled.

Our Spanish language assessments essentially center around two main concepts in language proficiency – the verbal and the visual. The verbal sections of the test assess an individual’s ability to speak and listen in Spanish. One of the most common pitfalls of those who have acquired Spanish as a second language is that they are unable to think spontaneously in it, and instead translate in their head when placed in situations that require them to speak or understand Spanish. Our tests are the most reliable way to assess just how fluent a candidate is in Spanish, and whether they can truly function as a fluent speaker.

The visual component of the assessment is made up of the reading and writing tests. These tests ascertain an individual’s ability to not just understand the text in front of them, but also their ability extrapolate and infer more subtle connotations that may be incorporated within it.

Unlike more conventional “high-school type” Spanish writing tests, our writing tests assess a candidate’s grasp of Spanish grammar and syntax, as well as their ability to use effective rhetorical organization to convey their points. LTI’s test will demonstrate beyond doubt the full extent of an individual’s ability to express themselves in written Spanish on topics that range from the practical to the persuasive.

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