Spanish Language Proficiency Exam

One of the best ways to test the acquisition of a second language is LTI’s Spanish language proficiency exam. As the exclusive test provider for ACTFL, known as the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language, you can trust Language Testing International’s variety of tests to measure the competency and skill of your Spanish skills. Tests are measured on two metrics; validity and reliability – this means that if a test is entirely accurate, it is considered a valid test. A reliable test is one where the measurement results actually measure the skill in question – and moreover, do so correctly across multiple tests and test takers.

Because of their long experience in dealing with a Spanish language proficiency exam, Language Testing International has developed not only the experience but the skills and reputation to be able to provide the industry standard for secondary language testing. No matter the particular skill that you are trying to have measured, you can rest assured that the tests from LTI will let you know, for certain and with no prevarication that the test taker can perform well in the language desired.

In terms of the various types of Spanish language proficiency exam, LTI offers tests for the four major domains of language acquisition. Often the first two that are tested is the test taker’s ability to both speak and understand the spoken second language. This test measures for things like the test taker’s ability to speak without an obvious accent, verbal inflection in conversation, as well as how quickly the test taker can understand spoken language. One of the most common bars to fluency in a second language is the need to translate on the fly, causing uncomfortable pauses in the flow of a conversation as the speaker or listener has to juggle between their L1 language and their L2 acquired one.

Finally, the Spanish language proficiency exam also can be used to measure the subject’s ability to read and write in their second language. This can cover everything from the reading of informational text to novels within the scope of the other language, and vary based on the level of text complexity desired. In terms of the writing test, it measures how effectively the subject can express themselves in their second language on matters of both a social and practical topic.

Regardless of the type of test you need, Language Testing International can provide the quality, reliability, and validity that you are looking for so that you can rest assured that your test takers are qualified and fluent in their secondary language. After all, when they excel at LTI’s Spanish language proficiency exam, they excel at the language itself.

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