Multilingual employees are a great asset to any company or institution today. Spanish language tests to verify proficiency in Spanish are one way that you can ensure that your employees are suitably proficient for professional use of Spanish in your group or company. Particularly with the rise of Spanish-speaking citizens in the United States, and with consistent interaction in a global market, organizations and corporations are under more pressure than ever to ensure that not only are their employees multi-lingual, but that they are proficiently multi-lingual. Employees may be tempted, in this competitive market, to note that they are proficient in a language because of conversational or basic language knowledge. However, professional competency is a far cry from knowing several words or phrases in a language and it is vital that companies be able to place their candidates and employees accurately. Spanish language tests, and other language tests, from Language Testing International can help both you and your employees assess language skills for the best placements and job practices.

Spanish language tests and other language tests from Language Testing International do not just assess vocabulary and reading understanding. The mental and cognitive process by which language is acquired actually necessitates a deeper and more specific testing process since knowledge of phrases or vocabulary does not necessarily indicate language proficiency. Language proficiency can, thus, be identified as a speaker’s ability to read, write, listen, and speak in a language. Unfortunately, these skills are not all synonymous and a speaker that is proficient in conversational Spanish, for example, may not have competent writing skills in the same language, particularly since reading and writing a language often comes later in the learning process than conversational speaking.

Further, professional competency may require even deeper understanding of a language than simple conversation skills. For this reason, Spanish language tests with Language Testing International are divided into four competency areas for reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Completion of these tests gives an accurate portrait of a candidate or employee’s actual ability, rather than just a measure of their vocabulary or grammar knowledge. In fact, these language tests do not allow for perfect scores as they do not measure correct or incorrect answers, but rather the ability of an employee to apply their language skills for professional use in real life situations. Testing candidates will receive a rating at one of ten levels from “no functional ability” to “full professional competency,” allowing you to place your employees or candidates accurately. Whether you need tests for another language that your employees or group regularly encounters or Spanish language tests, Language Testing International can help you develop a portrait of actual ability rather than giving your candidate a simple test score.

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