Spanish Proficiency Exams

Whatever type of Spanish proficiency exam you may be looking for, rest assured that Language Testing International will have the perfect one to meet your needs. While the reasons for seeking Spanish-language certification may be many, we at LTI are the only company licensed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). As such, only we are able to offer the most accurate and reliable Spanish proficiency exams on the market.

There are four major types of proficiency exams: speaking, reading, writing and listening. Acquiring Spanish as a second language requires a considerable amount of mental elasticity, as well as the physical ability to be able to pronounce sounds in Spanish that do not exist in English, for example. Our speaking test provides a candidate with the opportunity to demonstrate their speaking abilities at their best, covering skills as diverse as a simply being able to introduce themselves to supporting opinions and discussing abstract topics.

Another crucial element that is required in many jobs is the ability to be able to read in Spanish. Our reading comprehension tests cover a wide range of topics and skill areas, and push candidates to demonstrate not just the basic ability to comprehend individual words, but to understand subtle connotations and cultural references that may be included in a particular text.

As with our reading tests, our writing tests look at more than just the ability to translate sentences into Spanish. Rather, we measure an individual’s ability to express themselves in writing on a range of topics, from simple, everyday notes to more complex, nuanced essays on high-level topics.

Lastly, we offer listening tests, which will help to determine if an individual can actually understand Spanish as they hear it, or if they are forced to translate in their heads. Naturally, in the latter case, the candidate will have a much more reduced capacity to understand the language and function effectively in it.

No matter what your needs are, or what level of proficiency you require in an employee, LTI will be able to help you ascertain the most accurate profile of an individual’s Spanish language abilities.

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