Spanish Proficiency Tests Can Help you Correctly Place your Employees

Are you looking to certify that your employees speak a much needed language? Spanish proficiency tests with Language Testing International can help. Being multilingual is a valuable skill for modern employees, particularly as the prevalence of other native languages within our own borders increases and particularly as the need to compete in a global market rises. One of the most commonly needed second languages is Spanish, but while many employees will note an ability to speak Spanish on their resumes, you must be certain that your employees can use the language appropriately and competently to ensure your business image. Spanish proficiency tests with Language Testing International are a way to screen your employees or potential candidates for their language abilities both in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Language Testing International has worked over the last twenty years to set the standard for language testing. Providing testing, such as Spanish proficiency tests, in over forty countries in over one hundred languages, LTI has set the bar in adhering to the standards set by the American Council for Teaching Foreign Languages. Working for hundreds of major corporations and Fortune 500 companies to ensure language competency for employment purposes, LTI understands what levels of language acquisition and understanding are required to provide the best service for your company. Our testing can be applied to verbal and listening skills, as well as reading and writing skills, allowing you to choose employees with the specific skill sets that you require. These testing parameters are based in a fundamental understanding of how language acquisition works, acknowledging that different employees may have different levels of fluency and be proficient in some areas but not others. This specific language testing allows you to place employees with accuracy and full knowledge of their abilities.

Language Testing International’s Spanish proficiency tests will not just test language knowledge, but also what a candidate or employee can accomplish with that knowledge. A candidate may, for example, be very proficient at reading Spanish on paper but may lack verbal or listening skills that would prevent them from applying their language skills in a face to face or phone setting. This specificity in testing is designed to provide clear employment goals and skill sets for both employees and employers alike. With completion of these proficiency tests, candidates will receive one of ten leveled ratings that range from “no functional ability” to “full professional proficiency,” letting you appropriately turn language abilities into marketable and usable skill sets. Your employees will be equally happy as they will have certification and documentation of their abilities, allowing them to efficiently and specifically improve their resumes and career abilities. Whether you are looking to have your employees take Spanish proficiency tests, or tests for any of a numerous list of languages, Language Testing International can help you.

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