LTI is happy to report that ACTFL has once again received credit recommendations by The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE) for the following: OPI, OPIC, WPT and for the first time, both the Reading and Listening Proficiency Tests (RPT and LPT).

ACTFL is extremely pleased with the renewal of college credit recommendations for ACTFL speaking and writing assessments (OPI, OPIc, and WPT) and the initial recommendations for ACTFL reading and listening tests (RPT and LPT),”  said Elvira Swender, Director of ACTFL Professional Programs. “The implications of ACE College Credit Recommendation for ACTFL tests cannot be overestimated.  These recommendations allow even non-traditional language learners to demonstrate their language proficiency according to the national and internationally recognized ACTFL scale, and to be recommended for college credit based on that credential.”

ABOUT ACE:                                                                                                                                                     

Since 1974, ACE CREDIT has successfully worked with thousands of corporate learning programs offered by businesses and industries that include, labor unions, associations, government agencies, and military services. The credit recommendations are designed to provide adult learners the opportunity to receive academic credit for learning completed outside of the traditional college or university classroom. The ACE CREDIT recommendation carries benefits for each of the program’s three types of participants.   

For the organization, ACE CREDIT:

  • Validates the high quality of training being offered through the organization;
  • Offers cost-effective workforce training; and
  • Boosts employee performance and reduces turnover.

For the adult learner, ACE CREDIT:

  • Enables attainment of educational and career goals;
  • Shortens the path to degree completion; and
  • Qualifies an employee for upward mobility in the workplace.

For the postsecondary institution, ACE CREDIT:

  • Provides access to new, highly motivated learners;
  • Ensures consistent quality, less duplication, and lower costs in the accreditation process; and

Supplies improved networks to the business community and government agencies.

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