The Oral Proficiency Interview computer system (OPIc), developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), was recently introduced in Shanghai to assist those seeking employment with international companies to demonstrate their proficiency. Currently, the OPIc covers 13 languages and five of them, English, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish, are now available in China.

“The system was introduced in China because it contains evaluation tests for multiple languages, rather than a single language like other tests,” said Li Peize, President of the Beijing-based Chinese Testing International of the Confucius Institute. “It was designed by more than 10,000 language experts around the world.”

More languages are being added regularly as the one-on-one interview system includes nearly 120 languages.

The system was brought to China by Chinese Testing International and the stated-owned human resources agency China International Intellectech (Shanghai) Corp.

“At CIIC, language skills are an important element in evaluating talent,” said Xu Qin, director of the company’s international educational training center. “And by introducing the system, we wish to better serve our clients by providing them with professionals with excellent language skills.”

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