developing programming and coding technologies website design cyber-space concept woman manInformation technology is the study, design, and development of computer systems and networks, and it’s one of the most important fields of the future. Millions of jobs have been created by IT, as it plays a vital role in every aspect of modern-day life.

The tech world is full of different languages – JavaScript, Ruby and Python are just a few of them. With so many programming languages out there, it’s essential for tech workers to have one common language to communicate in and in most cases, that common language is English. Many IT professionals who are non-native English speakers may be technology experts but lack the English language proficiency needed for communicating effectively. The ability to communicate in English is a huge asset to many companies and organizations. Companies that conduct business internationally are likely to be engaging with people who speak English as a first or second language on a regular basis, making the ability to use English in the workplace a very valuable skill. Most global IT teams work and communicate on a day-to-day basis in English.

In India, around 600,000 engineers graduate annually from various colleges; Aspiring Minds, a leading employability credentialing firm, has revealed that only 18.43% of all engineering graduates are eligible for a software engineer’s job in India. As per their study, 97% of Indian engineers cannot speak English, which is one of the mandatory requirements for working in any software or IT firm. In fact, 67% of all engineers do not possess any English language skills (reading, speaking, writing, comprehension), which are required for a high-end job in business consulting, software, IT and other knowledge economy jobs.

While tech skills still come first for many IT roles, many tech skills are difficult to certify. However, foreign language proficiency, can be accurately assessed using the appropriate testing tools. Language Testing International (LTI) proficiency tests can provide reliable and internationally recognized language certification in more than 120 languages.

Every technical professional should certify their language skills as well as their technical skills. Knowledge of certain programming languages, strong problem-solving capabilities, and analytical aptitude are some of the top skills in varying degrees. Many IT professionals who are non-native English speakers may be technology experts but lack the English language proficiency needed for communicating effectively. Seeing that it’s becoming a trend for global technology companies to use English as their official language, the benefits of learning English and have a certification to prove it for IT are clear.

With over 25 years of experience providing language assessments to the corporate sector, LTI has tested candidates in over 60 countries and in over 120 languages. In partnership with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), we proudly offer our corporate clients valid and reliable reading, writing, speaking, and listening tests.

From Fortune 500 corporations to small and mid-size companies, LTI works closely with your Human Resources department to identify the appropriate level of language proficiency required for the position you are looking to fill. Once your needs have been identified, we help you qualify the right candidates with the language skills needed to be successful.

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LTI administers language assessments to hundreds of thousands of candidates every year and is one of the largest and most respected foreign language proficiency test providers in the world. We offer the highest level of client service as well as convenient online test scheduling and reporting over secure client networks.

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