professional woman with headset in front of computerWhy Language Proficiency Assessments Are Good for Employees and Employers

Whether you have multilingual employees, plan to hire those who are, or want to encourage your staff to pursue a second or third language, it’s critical to consider certification of their language abilities. Certifying your employees’ language skills brings credibility to your company’s multilingual talent, and it has a positive effect on your employees’ morale and their ability to confidently do the job. You might be asking, do I also test current employees, or do I just test new candidates?

Here are some reasons why companies test every multilingual employee with a valid and reliable language proficiency assessment.

Employee Retention: Your employees are guaranteed to have the right level of language for the task at hand.

Language testing demonstrates the value you place on your employees’ talents and language ability. Certifying their skills ensures they have the appropriate level of language for the task at hand, giving them confidence and protecting you —the employer— should you ever need proof that skills are certified, qualified, and confirmed by a trusted and reliable source. Language certification is valid for two years.

Foreign Language Incentive Pay: Be fair to your employees and take the guesswork out of your assessment of language ability.

Many organizations offer foreign language incentive pay. How can you as the employer fairly determine who is eligible for additional compensation or a promotion? What happens when you have multiple candidates that self-select their eligibility? How do you make a fair assessment of an employee’s language proficiency and award incentive pay or even a promotion? Well-informed hiring managers and HR professionals use a third-party testing partner who specializes in language testing and rating.

Serve Your Multilingual Customers at Home and Abroad: Go global and grow!

Customers want to be understood, whether they are stateside or abroad. They are even willing to pay more if you can service them in a language they understand. Seventy-two percent of consumers spend time on websites in their own language. Sectors such as education, healthcare, and financial services actually require you to serve clients with limited English proficiency in their native language. Certifying your employees’ language skills will give you the peace of mind that they can indeed communicate in the required language, thus ensuring that your clients and partners are well-served.

Assess with Confidence, Fairness, and Equity, Language Testing International (LTI) administers language assessments to hundreds of thousands of candidates every year and is one of the largest and most respected foreign language proficiency test providers in the world. We offer the highest level of customer service as well as convenient online test scheduling, remote proctoring and secure reporting in customized client portals. Not sure what level of language is needed for the task at hand? LTI offers consultative services as well as validate and reliable research provided by subject matter experts to help you every step of the way!

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