world globe puzzleGlobalization creates unlimited opportunities for industries worldwide. How can your organization go global and ensure that your efforts are successful? Your company’s potential customer base is virtually endless when barriers are broken down, including, but not limited to, language barriers.

Is your organization prepared to communicate, serve, and delight your customers?

Have you certified the language skills of your employees who are front and center?

An opinion article in the Training Journal indicated that “language learning will become an integral part of a company’s corporate strategy” as a means of improving international negotiations and relationships as well as internal business operations. This article is part of a growing body of evidence that suggests that corporations are in need of global language expansion in order to succeed. This goes hand in hand with recent reports that the demand for bilingual workers has doubled in the past five years (New American Economy, 2017, March).

Successful global companies assess the language proficiency of their employees and unlock the potential of key global markets by using language assessments to certify the skills of their bilingual employees. Studies have shown that customers prefer to communicate in their native language, and “56.2% of consumers said that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.”

Language assessments allow you to better understand your employees’ actual language skills so that you can assign your team tasks that are the best fit for their level of language ability. Language testing is an essential part of any company’s global strategy.

Contact us and schedule a time with an assessment specialist to learn more about how Language Testing International (LTI) can assist you with your language testing needs.

Go Global, Grow Your Business, and Get Certified!

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