qualified job applicantsImagine if finding qualified job applicants was fast, easy and cost effective? While that might be a far-off dream, there is one foolproof way to save yourself time and money when hiring multilingual candidates.

Language Certification is the answer to ensuring your multilingual job applicants are qualified and have the appropriate level of language ability for the job at hand. 

How does it work?

Simply add “ACTFL Bilingual Certification Preferred” to your job postings. Then point potential candidates to www.languagetesting.com, where they can pre-certify their level of proficiency in the target language. It’s an effective screening method, which ensures that all candidates you choose to interview are highly-qualified to speak, understand, read and write in a foreign language. 

Remote, Secure, and Convenient

Through our remote proctoring service, we offer candidates the ability to securely test their language skills anytime, anywhere. We visually verify identifications and monitor the entire test, ensuring valid and reliable results. Candidates who choose to pre-certify, organize and pay for their exams directly with LTI. 

Besides saving you time and money, pre-certification testing means you’ll never end up interviewing a candidate who doesn’t really have the language skills to be successful in a particular role. It also shows that candidates are serious about the position in question, and this means that you’ll spend less time sorting applications and more time recruiting top candidates. 

Contact us and schedule a time with an assessment specialist to learn more about how Language Testing International (LTI) can assist you with your language testing needs.

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