In preparation for your fall AAPPL testing season, we have pulled together a list of Top Ten Tips to help ensure that your AAPPL experience this year is a smooth one.

1. Choose your proctoring mode and think through the steps you will need to take to set yourself and your students up. These resources can help you go into testing well-prepared:

2. Order your tests with confidence, knowing that your school will only be charged for tests that are actually taken. For example, if you need to change proctoring modes for a class or student, you can simply cancel the tests ordered with one proctoring mode and order new ones based on your needs.

  • Remember that tests must be ordered at least one day in advance for computer-based proctoring.
  • Review this list of great AAPPL Resources, including the AAPPL Client Site Manual and How-to Videos.
  • Know which AAPPL Form is right for your students by reading through this page.

​​​3. Help your students prepare by guiding them to the many available resources online:

  • Practice the components by working through the available Demos and view our online AAPPL Tips Videos.
  • Share the Tasks & Topics with your students to help them prepare to do their best.

4. Set yourself up for technical success by following these steps:

  • Always be sure to run through the System Check well in advance and have your students do the same if using their own devices for testing.
  • Set up headsets and microphones on all devices being used for testing and/or support parents/guardians and students through this process.
  • For Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Thai, language-specific keyboard layouts must be set up. Please refer to the Operating System-Specific instructions linked to in our Technology FAQs and then use the language-specific Demos to test the keyboarding functionality once set up.

5. Set up the in-school testing environment in advance.

  • To ensure there are no connectivity issues with large numbers of students simultaneously accessing media files over your network, we recommend that students practice taking the AAPPL demos in the room you will be using to administer the test.
  • Try to eliminate background noise as much as possible while students record themselves for the ILS component.

6. If using parent/guardian proctoring, support at-home proctors through the process.

  • Share the FAQ/Resources for Parents with parents/guardians.
  • Be prepared to answer questions as they arise and know the support resources that are available through your school and through LTI.

7. If implementing computer-based proctoring, assist students with technical questions when needed.

  • Be sure to read pages 3-4 of this guide for additional technical requirements and considerations.
  • Remember that students must use Google Chrome for the computer-based proctoring system.
  • Remind students that they should test alone in a quiet space and that they may not access cell phones or tablets.

8. Provide test login information to students to give them access.

  • Access student login information on your account and provide it to students, depending on the requirements of your chosen proctoring mode. You can print them for in-school proctoring and email them for parent/guardian or computer-based proctoring.
  • Remember that student log-in credentials are considered sensitive testing documents and should be kept in a secure location.

9. Run the System Check one more time right before testing is to take place to be absolutely certain that the technology is working.

10. Once testing is complete, access your students’ Score Reports and Certificates on your account and tell them what a great job they’ve done!

If at any time you would like a one-on-one walkthrough of your account, or need help ordering and administering tests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

AAPPL Customer Care
(800) 486-8444 option 1​​​​​

ACTFL’s recent press release, announced the launch of the comprehensive list of AAPPL Topics. The comprehensive list of AAPPL Topics encompasses all forms and versions of the assessment and can be found on ACTFL’s Tasks & Topics page.

AAPPL assessments ordered for Out of School Testing with Parent/Guardian Proctoring will continue to be available throughout the 2021-22 school year. Like in 2020-21, this content will vary from the content included in the In School or Computer Proctored forms.

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