At LTI, we often talk about the benefits of being multilingual, and we truly believe that multilingualism gives you a special power: a power to communicate in another language, a power to better understand other cultures, a power to give yourself a competitive advantage, and even a power to save lives.

Every year, thousands of professionals take the ACTFL language assessments with LTI to certify their language skills and use the official credentials to showcase their multilingualism. One of these professionals is Renaud Fenster, a flight attendant at JetBlue. Renaud’s story is interesting and inspiring, and we are proud to feature it in our very first Language Proficiency Is a Superpower Magazine.

We hope you take the time to read Renaud’s story and get inspired to get your language skills certified.

Click to read and/or download Renaud’s story: Renaud-Fenster-Story

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