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In a recent episode of the “Language is Your Superpower” podcast guest Casie Arellano and host Lisa March have a conversation about supporting the attainment of language proficiency for a diverse workforce, particularly in the case of adult English learners. As a leader and educator in Adult Education, Casie shares the success story of Han and his family, immigrants from Russia to the U.S., and how their participation in English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) programs with Brevard Adult and Community Education prepared them for success in their new life in the United States.

Han and his family came to the U.S. from Russia and decided to make Brevard County, Florida home. In Russia, he and his wife were engineers with formal education and skills in this field. While they were experienced professionals, the language barriers they faced in the U.S. made it challenging for them to attain employment as engineers in Florida. As a result, Han was juggling various jobs such as delivering pizzas, and his wife was working at Macy’s to keep their family afloat.

Han and his wife enrolled in the Brevard Adult and Community Education program at CareerSource Brevard to learn English, with hopes of acquiring the necessary language skills to propel their careers and better provide for their family. Research findings highlighted in a World of Labor article entitled, “What drives the language proficiency of immigrants?” unveiled that higher wages and better job opportunities, along with the length of time spent in a new country, are incentives for acquiring a new language. While taking English classes, Han became aware of a grant for technology training that CareerSource had to offer. If he had not been participating in the Brevard Adult and Community Education ESOL classes, he may not have become aware of this additional offering. After an assessment confirmed that Han could understand and speak English at a 6th grade level, he was accepted into the CareerSource technology training program and began his journey toward establishing a career in his new country by growing his language proficiency in his field.

This is just one of many success stories about the impact that the Brevard Adult and Community Education program has had in the life of ESOL learners that have decided to make the U.S. their home. If you are bilingual and want to test your language proficiency to propel your career, get certified with LTI today! Start here.

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