magazine cover Eda UzuncakaraEda Uzuncakara shared her language learning journey with the hope to inspire people to “find their voice in a new language.” As a bilingual professional, IT manager, entrepreneur, and writer, Eda found her voice in English as her new language while she continues to keep her roots in her first language, Turkish. In her story, she talks about her language learning journey and shares great ideas for making language learning joyful and personal. She says that when you find what excites you about learning a language, you’ll minimize overthinking and the “foreign language will cease to be foreign to you.”

Read Eda’s story: Language-Superpower-Magazine-Eda-Uzuncakara

Watch Eda’s videos:

Video 1: Introducing the April Language Superhero

Video 2: Eda’s ideas for learning a new language

Video 3: Eda reading an excerpt from her book

Find out more about Eda’s collection of short stories, Jumping on the Drips here.

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