Chad Davidson

Gauging One’s Language Superpowers by Way of the ACTFL Tests

Dr. Chad Davidson, this month’s Language Superhero, is a lifelong learner of languages. He continuously studies and practices five world languages: “I was once told by someone I highly respect that when asked how many languages I speak, I should always say that I only speak my native language but am learning others. However, I consider myself a continuous learner of my native language as well, so I prefer to answer this by way of how many languages I presently regularly speak. Being raised in and living in Middle America means that I only regularly speak one language, English, but I would say that I am continuing to learn five languages: English (my native language), Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French. In the past, I have embarked on other language learning journeys (e.g., studying abroad in Russia and in Greece), but I realized that if I wanted to get to a point in which I could think about, talk about, and learn about my other interests through the languages (e.g., philosophy, CrossFit), I needed to commit myself to a select few languages. Hence, for the last couple of years, I have been and still am presently committed to these five, and it is the four non-native languages that I took the ACTFL tests in (i.e., Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French).”

Dr. Davidson shared his story with us of validating his language proficiency with ACTFL assessments and how the ACTFL assessments aided him in his doctoral research. Use the link below to read his story.


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